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Introducing Viklip

  • Viklip is a new way to share your videos, images and music with the world.

    At Viklip.com, we place great importance on independent creators and their content.

    Forget YouTube, SoundCloud and Instagram.

    It’s your showcase! Share your creations or discover those of others, make friends, create playlists and collections, and make money from your content with customized ads.


    - 100% free

    - Upload videos/images/music

    - Embed videos from other websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion…

    - Likes/comments

    - Subscriptions

    - Direct messages

    - Notifications

    - Customizable profile

    - Customized ads

    Loving the idea? You can even get access to premium videos (and support us) with the premium subscription! Be a part of our elite users for only $10/mo.

    So, what are you waiting? Create a free account now! viklip.com

    If you’re a Discord user, you can also join our server! discord.gg/HJrGHqK

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